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About Me

My name is Dominic Lear and for the past 7 years i've been helping companies to improve their digital presence and online products through my roles as a Website Manager, Project Manager and most recently Technical Programme Manager at RMP Enterprise.

I'm a big fan of coffee, some would say I enjoy it too much. I like to keep active by playing football regularly and as you can see from this site I dabble in a little web design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

My Current Role

As a Technical Programme Manager at RMP Enterprise I lead the internal development team and focus on ensuring the company has the technology, technical resources and processes it needs to meet its business objectives.

My role currently consists of a blend of project management, business analysis, product management, testing and quality assurance.

The main products with the RMP Enterprise porfolio that I focus on developing and improving are RateMyPlacement, RMP Connect and RateMyApprenticeship.


RMP Enterprise

RMP Connect

RMP Connect is a SAAS product focused on the capture of data from many sources and then the segmentation and analysis of that data to allow graduate recruiters to engage with students online and offline.


RateMyPlacement is the the flagship product of RMP Enterprise and is where it all started. The site was launched 7 years ago as a review platform and has grown from that into a job board where clients can advertise undergraduate internships and placements alongside their reviews.


RateMyApprenticeship is the younger sister of RateMyPlacement and is based on the same model of jobs alongside reviews but it's aimed at the apprenticeship demographic of 16-18 year olds.


In my spare time I dabble with web development and i've got a strong interest in experimenting with JavaScript, ES6 and Node.js. At RMP Enterprise we prefer to use Laravel for the backend of our websites and i've spent some time learning about the framework. In my role I think its important to have knowledge of the technology our products are built with.

Side Projects

I've also built a few single pages apps to automate day to day tasks that are part of my role as well as some internally focused tools for the business such as:

  • Company KPI Dashboards - Built with Backbone.js, these dashboards pull data in via Google Analytics, Google Sheets and generated JSON files.
  • Query Builder - A single page app built with Vue.js that allows users to build SQL queries they can run against our databases for reporting and analysis purposes
  • Automated Alerts - Using a mix of Node.js, SSH and SQL i've built a set of automated tasks that provide reports and alerts to myself and the wider team at RMP Enterprise.
  • Email Template Framework - To help improve our email marketing efforts I developed a responsive email template framework and workflow using Grunt, Premailer and LESS that allows us to build responsive email rapidly and repeatably.


Feb '16 to

Technical Programme Manager at RMP Enterprise

As a Technical Programme Manager at RMP Enterprise I lead the internal development team and focus on ensuring the company has the technology, technical resources and processes it needs to meet its business objectives.

May '14 to
Feb '16

Website & Project Manager at RMP Enterprise

During my time as a website and project manager at RMP Enterprise I handled the transition from using an external agency for our web development needs to an internal team of backend and frontend specialists.

Some of the key projects I worked during this time were the launch of RateMyApprenticeship and the rebuild of our flagship website RateMyPlacement.

  • Employee of the Year - June 2015
  • Employee of the Quarter - September 2014
  • Employee of the Month - September 2014

Aug '13 to
May '14

Website Manager at RMP Enterprise

This was my first role at RMP Enterprise and was focused around managing and optimising the RateMyPlacement website. In tandem with this I also managed our relationship with our external development agency.

Oct '09 to
July '13

Digital Content Merchandiser & Administrator Roles

Before my time at RMP Enterprise I had various roles working as a content merchandiser on ecommerce websites.

These roles were where I first began my career in digital. I found it fascinating and outside of these roles I spent my own time developing my web developmemt skills alongside learning about design, copywriting and web analytics.


Project Management

Certified AgilePM (2014) Practitioner

To improve my project management skills and to get a firm methodology for planning projects I went on and passed an AgilePM course.

The AgilePM methodology offers a practical and repeatable methodology that aims to achieves an ideal balance between standards, rigour and visibility required for good project management, and the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by agile.

The pracitioner level is focused on applying the methodology as a project mananger in an agile environment. Through my role I have used this to improve the planning and organisation of our projects before we move into the development phase.

Certified AgilePM (2014) Foundation

The foundation level of AgilePM sets out the principles and processes that form the methodology, having strong knowledge of the foundations is key to applying AgilePM methodology to real world projects.


AgilePM is a useful tool for engaging with the wider business and establishing firm foundations before a project has been started but we practice scrum within our team for sprint level work. I play the role of the product manager for the wider business within the scrum team and occassionally I take the role of scrum master.

Web Development

In my opinion when managing a team of developers and designers it's important to be able to speak their language and understand the technologies they use to build our products. To help with that i've spent a considerable amount of my own time experimenting and using the the technology I encounter within my role. Here's a quick overview of how I would compare my proficiency in certain ares of web development.

Semantic HTML